Companies Are Breaking Ties With The NRA In An Avalanche Of Backlash

With every school shooting comes the hope that this one might be different—that people will finally be moved by the gruesome horror show to stand up and demand some kind of change. Unless you’re the National Rifle Association, in which case you do everything in your power to smother any backlash in the crib. The Parkland survivors who organized an intense public pressure campaign for stricter gun control gave everyone who’s NOT the NRA a little more hope this time, and it seems to be paying off. After ThinkProgress did the legwork of ferreting out which private corporations still have ties to the NRA in the form of discounts and other deals, public pressure has forced these companies to abandon the toxic gun manufacturers lobby.

Thanks to the courageous, media-savvy teens who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, brands previously partnered with the NRA are abandoning the gun manufacturer’s lobby in droves.

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